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Ledizolv Lead Specific Cleaner清潔劑

Ledizolv Lead Specific Cleaner清潔劑

2021-03-06 20:58:00  

Ledizolv Lead Specific Cleaner可以用于去除鉛污染物

Ledizolv Lead Specific Cleaner可以用于去除鉛污染物

Ledizolv Lead Specific Cleaner is scientifically formulated for use in the clean-up and control of LCD hazards. Ledizolv contains a synergistic blend of chelating agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers and dispersants that are optimized to remove lead contaminated dust. Unlike TSP or other phosphate detergents, it is a mild pH, phosphate free and completely biodegradable. USDA authorized. Dilute 2:100. pH 5.4

Mild pH gives it excellent handling and safety characteristics.

Free rinsing with no risk of leaving phosphate film on surfaces.

Biodegradable and readily disposable into sinks and drains.

Used to clean: Walls, window components, vents, baseboards, floors, and any other surfaces or crevices.

Used to remove: Lead contaminated dust.

Surfaces cleaned: Glass, ceramic, plastic, tile, concrete, gypsum board, plaster, wood, vinyl, and metals.

Cleaning method: Wet mop or spray on application.

Make a fresh 2% solution (5 Tbsp. per gal., 2.5 oz. per gal. or 20 ml per liter) in warm water. Clean by wet mop or spray on application. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Used on a wide range of glass, ceramic, plastic, tile, concrete, gypsum board, plaster, wood, vinyl, and metal surfaces.

Size                            Catalog Number

16 oz (0.47L)                90116

Case of 25x16oz (25x0.47L) 90216 

1 Gallon (3.8L)          90101

Case of 4x1 Gallon (4x3.8L) 90104

5 Gallon Jerrycan (19L) 90501     

15 Gallon Drum (57L) 91501     

55 Gallon Drum (208L) 95501

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